Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Interview on Witness Radio

I was recently interviewed about my ICOC experiences by Ryan Muniak, a campus minister with the Christian Collegian Network at the University of Cincinnati, for his weekly podcast Witness Radio. He did an excellent job letting me narrate my journey in and out of the cult and on the path to a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. Additionally he provided a good overview of what college students (and others) need to be familiar with about the ICOC. Squeezing every detail about thought reform, McKeanist doctrine, and history into thirty minutes is impossible, but I believe enough information was presented so that people who are curious - both those inside and outside of the ICOC (and ICC) - will be able to research that information. Ryan has encountered members of the Cincinnati Church of Christ's campus ministry, Disciples on Campus, on a few occasions and has a heart to reach them with the truth of the gospel of grace. We're sincerely praying that this podcast makes a difference, even beyond Southwest Ohio!

The show (Witness Radio, Episode 46) can be downloaded here.

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