Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Replanting of Boston

Kip McKean has thrown down another major gauntlet to his old ICOC. In his Good News for October 31,2010, he mentions the planting of a new church in the United States in 2011. The target? Boston!
"Coltin & Mandee Rohn will be sent from LA to plant a sister church in Boston, Massachusetts. They will be accompanied by a shepherding couple from LA and ten disciples from New York City, and be discipled by the Smellies in New York City."
This planned planting has deep implications. First, it's setting up a "sold-out" church in the same city where the "Boston Movement" got its name. This is where Kip ceased from being a campus minister in charge of a campus ministry to a lead minister in a church. Later on, he was appointed the World Missions Evangelist in the ICOC. (He currently holds the same title in the ICC.) There will be two churches in the same city: the original Boston Church of Christ and now a new "Boston International Christian Church" (the name is to be determined). Long-time members of the Boston Church of Christ will now have an alternative church in their city fighting for their attention. Second, the Boston Church of Christ is known for a lot of long-time leaders and members who have been completely entrenched in McKeanism and its doctrines. Many specific doctrines of McKeanism have sprouted in Boston, including discipling for every member, "Christian = Disciple = Saved", and "disciple's baptism" (among others). The new church planting may start to draw significant numbers or at least curiosity from "old timers" from the heyday in the 1980's. Third, Boston is still a major metropolitan area with many influential college campuses. It stands to reason that many of these campuses that have banned the Boston Church of Christ will allow the new "sold-out" church on their campuses - but likely only for a short time. Time will tell what will happen, although planting a new church in Boston will certainly raise some eyebrows in the ICOC churches in New England and perhaps in the entire movement.

The couple chosen to lead the new Boston church planting, Coltin and Mandee Rohn, were converted into the International Christian Churches directly at the City of Angels ICC in Los Angles. Not much is known about them, but a video of Coltin (and special guest Mike Patterson) has been found online. (Coltin is sitting next to the cameraman and Mike is sitting diagonally across the table.) Remember that this is the man who will be fully trained and chosen to assume Kip's mighty spiritual mantle in Boston once more.


X-Ray said...

Thanks for the observation. I dissected a sermon of his around two years ago when he was the campus minister in Phoenix and was astonished at his speaking ability. He's truly a dangerous man. I also believe that Mike Patterson is one of a handful of people that could potentially take Kip McKean's place. We haven't heard a lot from him in the past year though, but it looks like he's going to be a key component of the new South Central region in the City of Angels ICC.

Mo said...

You to people are idiots! Mike is not dangerous. He is a kid. The real danger is people like you that hide behind user names and don't want to be exposed. I have been around both churches, and only weak willed people take issues with the zeal of others. This is also known as being a "hater" in todays terms. X-Ray, you are a real piece of work. Be a man and stand up for what you really believe. Don't hide behind a blog name. This is the cowards way out. I respect people that have different views and opinions. That is their right, whether they believe in God or not.

X-Ray said...


Why shouldn't I be anonymous? Your blogger profile is private.

Besides, if you do have a difference of opinion, please prove that Mike Patterson, Coltin Rohn, and Kip McKean aren't false teachers who preach a different Jesus. Perhaps you should listen to the show I did about Mike Patterson a few years ago.

Mo said...

Hey X, Let me say this, it amazes me that you still have unresolved issues with Mike Patterson and the church. If this were not true, you would not spend so much of your time and energy blogging about him and the church. I listened to your little show, and I am really amazed at your lack of spiritual depth and insight. You remind me of the Romans. They called Jesus a cult leader because he didn't say what they wanted to hear. I would like to encourage you to go back to the bible and do a little more study, and a great deal more implementation. Philippians 1:15-18, Matthew 18:15-17. You should start here. I have nothing against you, I know that what you do is not right. I am a very critical man by nature, and can tear down any sermon, by any speaker. That is the easy part. The building up of a person, that is where I need Jesus. My apologies, but I don't have a blog, so if there is a privacy setting I am unaware of it. I did put my name there, so you know where to find me.

Mo said...

That's Mo Robbins X.

X-Ray said...


It amazes me that I keep seeing the same patterns when people who support the ICOC or ICC respond to my statements.

Since I asked you to prove whether or not Mike and Coltin and Kip are false teachers, you break out scriptures about reconciliation and envy and selfish ambition. The Bible clearly puts dealing with false teachers in a different category than dealing with the sins of other Christians because of their position of influence and nature of their sin. (2 Peter 2, Jude 3-23) Note that this isn't necessarily judging the state of salvation, but judging what they teach and who they teach in light of the scriptures. And by this standard, which I believe it's safe to say that both of us agree that the Bible is the standard (although your interpretation may be clouded by presumptions and history you may not be aware of), they are found to be preaching another Jesus Christ and another gospel. This is why they must be exposed.

Serious charges are brought to serious situations when serious sins have occurred which lead to serious consequences.

Mo said...

I am very curious as to what Jesus you believe they are teaching? The only one I know is Christ and him crucified. As you have pointed out these three men, you have failed to mention a great many others. Why these three? I can understand one of them, but the other two not to sure. As I mentioned before, you have unresolved issues that need to be addressed before you can move forward. If you issue was based purely on "false teaching" why have not the names of Greg Lauri, Jole Olstene, Billy Graham, or even TD Jakes. Why these three and no one else? The fact of the matter is, you don't really have solid evidence to substantiate you claims. If you are the authority on the subject, please enlighten me. Read the bible and gain your own convictions. At the end of the day it is summed up in this Acts 5:38 "Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. 39 But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.” By the way, My name is still known, and you are still the letter X.

X-Ray said...

The Jesus Kip McKean and company teach requires that in order to be saved, a lost person must perform these steps in this order:

1. One must accept that obedience to the Bible is the ultimate priority.
2. One must accept the ICOC/ICC's interpretation of the Bible as infallible.
3. One must agree that the ICOC/ICC's methods of discipling - which neglect the Holy Spirit - are mandatory for salvation.
4. One must perfectly confess all of their sin to be saved.
5. One must repent, not only in their hearts and minds, but by their deeds as well.
6. One must accept a Jesus Christ that's more human than divine. (He could have sinned. He lived a perfect life on his own power. He was not sovereign and in control in the events surrounding his death and resurrection.)
7. One must start living the life as a "disciple" as the ICOC/ICC defines it.
8. Finally, one can only have a valid baptism after all of these previous steps have been completed to the local ICOC/ICC's leadership's satisfaction.

This weak Jesus that commands perfect obedience, even from a lost person hopelessly trapped in their brokenness and trespasses, to access grace and mercy is clearly a false Christ. Salvation is by grace through faith in Christ, not by obedience through perfection by discipling.

Be careful when you apply Acts 5:38-39 in this situation. God broke Chuck Lucas. God broke Kip McKean once and He may do it again. Mike Patterson and Coltin Rohn have only started down the same path that lead to Chuck's and Kip's destruction.

Oh yes, I have other nicknames too.

Jen said...

Hello, I came across your sight as i was googling my brother Coltin Rohn. My family and I have been doing research on Kip McKean and his church's. Scary!!!!! We have tryed talking with Coltin regarding the information we have obtained. I would like to give you some insight on Coltin. Coltin was 18 when are Mother died a horrific death in 2007. Coltin moved to Arizona shortly after her death. He was from a small farm town in Ohio. He was in a motorcycle fender bender with a diciple and felt God sent him. Hmmm i often wonder if that was an accident. He then joined the church. I feel Coltin was extremely vunerable. My family is at crossroads with this situation we need help. I wasnt shocked to see Coltin has a name for himself. Coltin is a good looking, charming, and well spoken young man. This is so disappointing that he could someday destroy others.
I look forward to hearing from you with any information. Jen

X-Ray said...

Thanks for sharing Jen. It seems that a lot of us who were caught up into the organization were at vulnerable spots in our lives. I know the pain and agony of seeing how the cult changes people and forces them into Kip McKean's mold. I've seen it done to D.J. Comisford (whom I've known for years here in Cincinnati and is from Hanover, OH) and now I see it done to Coltin.

Feel free to e-mail me for more information. I'll be glad to help!

(Go Buckeyes... I hope?)

Mo said...

WOW! Jen, you really don't know your brother. In the few short months that I have known Coltin, he has become one of my best friends. I have been a part of this so-called cult for some time now. I have seen them come and go. Your brother has only shared great things about you, your dad, and your brothers. He has also shared the heart brake of loosing your mother. Here is what you need to see; Coltin didn't turn to drugs, alcohol, women, or any other temporary medication to heal the hurt. What he did do was find faith. Your brother was not met nor converted by Kip. He has more interaction with strangers than he has with Kip, and furthermore, he follows the bible, not Kip McKean, nor Mike Patterson for that matter. It is sad to me that you would seek "help" for Coltin from a complete stranger you found on the internet as opposed to really sitting down and seeking to understand your brother and his views on life. For all you know, X-Ray is some bitter, disgruntled ex-employee. (Not saying that he is. I don't know the man.) What I do know is your brother. He has his core values from you and his family, and a deep love from God. Is that which he is doing really that bad or wrong? He could be doing worse things with his life. If you want to know, ask someone who actually knows him. You can find me. I use my real name. Mo Robbins.

X-Ray said...


This possible "bitter, disgruntled ex-employee" is still waiting for a response from you from the comment I made about the false Jesus Kip McKean teaches. Please prove that the Jesus I describe is not the Jesus found in the scriptures and is not the Jesus that Kip McKean teaches.

("Ex-employee"? In my eight years in the ICOC, I never discipled an adult. I discipled some teens though for a little while, and they all either "fell away" or were taken from me to be discipled by other adults. I never was a Bible Talk Leader or Assistant Bible Talk Leader. I gave my "testimony" once, and that was to a church of 100. And I never had a girlfriend. So the "ex-employee" label really doesn't fit. Although I did shake down teens and teen leaders for contribution for a few years...)

Cassie said...

WOW MO, really? You know my brother better than I do? Better than his family that grew up with him, was there with him through good times and bad? You have the nerve to say we are seeking out help from a stranger yet you said yourself Coltin interacts with strangers all the why are we wrong for doing the same thing? As for Coltin turning to sex, drugs to heal himself....umm ya MO, Coltin did turn to it and when that wasn't fueling his addiction he turned to another addiction-religion. So is replacing one addiction for another healthy? NO it's not. Is too much of anything bad YES...a healthy balance, moderation is a good thing. And for you being in this cult for a few years.....You are NOT my brother so have at a minion. Here's a thought for You Kipeans- You want to help people get your MO money and MO butt over to Japan and start saving people that are in need of real help.

Cassie said...

Oh and MO, how do you figure Coltin is following the bible and not Kip? Coltin has said is willing to move every year if that's what it takes to save souls to take with him to meet Jesus in heaven........

Psalm 146:3 Do not put your trust in princes,
in mortal men, who cannot save.

God, the bible, religion is not a negative in the eyes of Coltins "physical" family just FYI for ya. If you could get your head out the sand for two seconds and open your eyes you would understand why we are concerned with the ICOC.

Anonymous said...


I would like to encourage You to go back to grammar school and do a little more study! Heart BREAK not Brake (Brake is like car breaks and Break is a separation or division into pieces)...there IS also a difference when using: to, too, and two…LOSING not loosing (lose, lost= the opposite of found…loose= the opposite of tight…) You should start here. I have nothing against you. I know that what you do is not right. I am a very critical woman by nature, and can tear down any sermon, by any speaker. That is the easy part. The “knowing when to remain silent”, that is where I need Jesus, but hey, I’m working on it! ;-)
YOU really do not know Coltin. Here is what YOU need to see: Coltin DID turn to drugs, alcohol, & women… and then he turned to a CULT to “temporary medicate” in order to heal the hurt he is feeling. I’m curious Mo, have you lost a parent or loved one? It is heart wrenching! I can’t put into words the amount of pain that comes with losing your mother and no matter what you use to medicate, the horror and reality that a loved one is gone, does not go away nor does it fade. The fact of the matter is YOU don't really have any solid evidence to substantiate your claims. If you are the authority on the subject, please enlighten me.
I was also wondering if you ever learned to read past the 2nd grade level; I would assume if you have, that you would have read and processed Jen’s sentence: “We have tried talking with Coltin regarding the information we have obtained.” Apparently, you did not because you replied ignorantly with this statement “It is sad to me that you would seek "help" for Coltin from a complete stranger you found on the internet as opposed to really sitting down and seeking to understand your brother and his views on life.”
There is nothing wrong or bad with Coltin having core values from his family or having a love for & from God. “He could be doing worse things with his life.” Like what? Join a cult or false teachings??? Oh wait, he HAS! Coltin did not Find faith, he comes from a GREAT family with Christian beliefs. If You want to know, ask someone who Actually knows him.
God Bless!
-Kristin Rohn (Coltin’s OTHER sister, did you know that he has three sisters?)

Anonymous said...


So you admit then by your "ex-employee" comment, that the ICoC IS in fact a business? Thanks for the confirmation!


Mo said...

I do appreciate all of the comments. Although I believe that there is some misguided anger or hostility there. If I may retort. Please tell me Cassie, what is your real concern for your brother? Do you want him back home? Do you want him to be an average Joe? What is it really? Coltin has greatness written all over him. He was given that by God through his family. What I said was, "He has more interaction with strangers than he has with Kip." Your brothers life is an open book. I know about his past. Addicted.. Yes Cassie, you are right in saying that Christ is addicting, but only if you really apply the teachings. There has to be practical application for addiction to set in. I am hooked! I do, however, understand your concerns. It would be great if you could visit the church that your brother attends, and see for yourself. You may even be able to speak with the "cult" leader himself. Then you can make an accurate assessment of what Coltin is doing with his life. And yes Cassie, we are already making things happen for Japan. Helping people is who we are, not just what we do. Kipeans? That's cute. Coltins willingness to move every year to save souls is what he has learned from studying out Paul the apostle. I never thought that his physical family had negative feelings about God, bible nor religion. Cassie, I don't know you or your family, but one thing I do know is that your brother loves you and your family very much. It is my hope that you can find some common ground.

Mo said...

What is with this anonymity? More fear. OK. so I need to go back to grammar school for more study. I will take that into consideration. By your own words, you are critical. Need I say more?

Mo said...

My apologies Kristin. After reviewing my comments to Jen, I can see where it appears as though I was attacking your family. Although this was not my intent, perception is reality. I stand corrected and ask that you overlook my offense. I know that Coltin loves all of you very much. I believe this because he speaks of you all with deep admiration. It again is my hope that you can all find common ground. Please let me know if I have made any improvement on my grammar. lol

Anonymous said...

Please over look my offence when I say to please send someone with a higher intellectual status to speak for you. I don’t have the time to go rounds with someone so imprudent, so this will probably be my last post.

Did you go to The School for Kids Who Can’t Read Good? Have you ever read your own post? Are you reading the posts that you are responding too? It’s like you keep pulling things out of the air to try and make Coltin’s family seem like the “bad guys”.

Allow me to answer your questions to Cassie. Most of the answers to these questions are in previous posts, but I’m going to assume that you just overlooked them :)

-Our real concern for our brother: is that he is playing a great part in a cult that is preaching false testimonies; this should not be confused with us not wanting him to be a Christian and/or not have a love for God. As we said before, Coltin COMES FROM A CHRISTIAN FAMILY!

-Do you want him back home? ...Mo Mo Mo, This can’t be a serious question, because the answer is “ummm DUH!” If you can’t tell, we’re a close-knit family and one of our puzzle pieces is missing. He also now has a wife, which means we have a new sister-in-law, and a niece or nephew on the way. It would be nice to have the opportunity to get to know them both.

-Do you want him to be an average Joe? … ?@!#$@!#? Where did anyone put “We want Coltin to be an average Joe”? Coltin has been blessed with MANY talents and a “crankin” personality! Everyone in Coltin’s family knows this! It’s a shame that he is throwing away his God given talents and family to follow a two-faced, false prophet like Kip. We would love for Coltin to go to a legit seminary and become a true preacher and preach God’s word (this would be a common ground) and not Kip’s interpretations. You keep saying that you hope we can find a Common ground, yet if we don’t agree with or convert to Kip’s ways we lose our little bother and are ban from heaven?

I don’t know why everyone in this cult keeps telling us to “come visit” and “attend” this nonsense. I don’t need to meet Hitler or Jeffrey Dahmer (Cute that he was a member of Kip’s cult) to know that what they were doing was very wrong. Did you know that the cult you are a part of claims that our Mother AND Grandmother are in hell?! Ironically, NO ONE in that cult ever met them, yet it is okay for them to make such strong statements. ANYONE that DID know my Mother and my Grandmother KNOW, without a doubt that they are BOTH in heaven and will be greeting us with open arms when our time comes.

“What is with this anonymity? More fear. OK” What is your obsession with this!? BTW I posted my name at the bottom of all my post; you must have overlooked that as well.

“By your own words, you are critical. Need I say more?” ----if you recall, from YOUR own words; You posted this originally. Yes, I mocked your comment. Trust me, you’re not so witty that you “tear down any speakers sermon”, if you respond to everyone like this, I’m sure they just get tired of repeating themselves and find it pointless to pursue further communication with you.

You reviewed your comments and can see where you appear to be attacking my family? Does Kip put you all through a course for this? You people are obviously trained to respond in this manner because YOU ALL respond in the same method. It’s cute, like little trained Kip robots. (Who are you REALLY following???)

God gave us minds to think with, feelings, emotions, and intuition…no one especially Kip is going to brainwash/rob me of not using them. Coltin used to have these wonderful God given qualities too; when he had and used them is when he felt Love for his family. Coltin doesn’t Feel anything anymore…

You wanted me to let you know on your grammar improvements….epic fail!

Jesus is Lord!

This post was made by:

X-Ray said...


Jeffrey Dahmer was baptized by a minister in the regular, mainline, normal, non-cultic Churches of Christ. As far as I know, he had no contact with the ICOC.

This does bring up a contemporary application of Matthew 21:28-32. (Note to who Jesus is talking to in this passage... the pharisees!)

Cassie said...


For being a devout follower your religious status on FB reads OK and your employment is HUSTLING.

MO Money + MO Problems = Duh Winning

Anonymous said...


I was in the cult for years. Mo claims he is Colton's friend but if your brother were to leave tomorrow. All of the hugs and "I love you bro" would stop ICOC love USUALLY only lasts as long as you are in the ICOC. Both versions of the church are a cult, and even Mike Patterson is only popular is because Kip has deemed him as spiritual and a celebrity. if they deemed him rebellious tomorrow folks would come out the woodwork claiming they have always had a problem with him. Thet even happened to Kip himself.

Be patient your brother will leave

Anonymous said...

I want to apologize to every one. The first comment by "anonymous" was made up and not what I think but just to start trouble and "persecution" in a strange way to help the icc. It was wrong and deceitful. X-ray, if you could delete that comment I would appreciate it as I know you desire truth. I'm sorry for the trouble I may have caused the Rohn family, Xray, or anyone else. This is not a political or for the icc or against the icc post. Just a man owning his deceit. Since it was done anonymously I will apologize as such and make specific ones by name to individuals necessary. Please forgive this foolish controversy I started that wasn't based off truth. Thank you.

X-Ray said...


Apology accepted. Are you part of the ICC?

Anonymous said...

thank you for the forgiveness. Also, I met above that the post was selfish and deceitful and that the justification I think I used at the time was it would help the icc (persecution is a sign of approval etc), but that wasn't the truth it was a selfish act to help myself. Just wanted to clarify and this is the last time I will post on any site having to do with this kind of stuff as Christ is to be what our eyes are fixed on. Thank you for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Update please

X-Ray said...

As far as I know, Kip's group will plant a new church in Boston in the next few months. The main Delphi forum should have more information.

Unknown said...

Sold Out New Movement! What a joke! Kip is up to his old trickery I see. Sorry to hear that my friend Coltin is going to be the sacrificial lamb. This manipulation will come to an end just like it did before. The will be judgement for the one that leads these young people astray. Boston? WOW!

Unknown said...

This is Mo, and I have SEEN THE LIGHT! I am no longer in the ICC. It took some time, but God brought me back to my right mind. I would like to apologize for all negativity that I posted. It is easy to become nearsighted when you are steeped in the muck of things. I still love Coltin with all of my heart. He is a dear friend. We no longer see eye to eye on the so-called "Sold Out" ministry. It took some time, but God brought it to light. This ministry is just like the ICOC was when Kip was leading it. It is still all about Kip. It was sad, that as I brought up doctrinal issues the resounding response was, "Have you talked to Kip?" SMH I am praying for the members of this group, that God will open the eyes of their hearts. I have come to the realization that God cannot be put in a box, and that Truth is Truth no matter where it is. As far as all of these re-plantings, the ICC is building on someone else foundation.

X make sure that you have accurate info so that no one can bring false accusations. If you need, I am here.

X-Ray said...

Hey Mo! That's great news! :-)

Have you gone to the ICOC/ICC Delphi Forum yet? You may be surprised to see how similar your experiences have been to those in the ICOC in the 2000's, 1990's, 1980's, 1970's...

Anonymous said...

Could you please remove the post I wrote about Coltin being brainwashed early on near the top? It was made up by me and not true. Thank you, it would mean allot and is about integrity for me despite religious views.

Mike Patterson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
X-Ray said...


It doesn't make sense to delete the comments you made in 2010 since you just posted again with an explanation from where they came from.

In addition, although your apology is sincere (and I do accept your apology), we both know that one can be sincerely wrong. Through your human effort, you're going to try to be a better "Sold Out" disciple. The problem is that you're still a disciple of a false Christ that only exists in the untamed imagination of Kip McKean. So I expect that you will sometime in the future fall again, but this time the stakes are much higher because you're now married and since it's likely you'll have children, they'll be involved as well.

All that I can say to someone whose clothing is stained by their corrupted flesh (Jude 22-23) is that you must utterly abandon Kip's Jesus at all costs and pursue the authentic Christ who is still calling you. Now, the really good news for you is that I believe even high-level leaders in the "Sold Out" Movement are in a better position to repent and come to know the Messiah than those that remain in the ICOC. (See this paper I wrote.)

Anonymous said...

Just wanna say, this thread is effing awesome!

I spent 17 years a faithful disciple in the ICOC, saw it at its best & worst, and was there for Kip's implosion in 2002/3. Kip's ridiculous self-aggrandizing non-apologies that followed in its wake convinced me once for all that he is a waste of time. Took me about another year or two after that to realize the same for the whole ICOC.

It was as obvious then as now, from his own writings, that Kip is a narcissist (look it up) if not a sociopath, who has not the faintest concept of changing his "I am God's man in this generation" ways.

Many fall for him, like Mike has, but almost no one follows him forever. Eventually, they figure-out his game, like Mo, me, and X, and also every top leader Kip personally trained and appointed from the 70s through the 90s decades.

Seems people would wake-up and take notice of little facts like that, but of course, the young have little or no appreciation of history, much less the capacity to learn from it. Sad.

And just for the record: Kip lives in his own wacky fantasy-world, where he makes a lot of noise about God and Jesus, using their names often to focus attention and authority upon himself, drawing the suckers in.

Looking back and looking now, I find it remarkable that people continue to fall for his same old gas, year after year, then sooner or later figure-out what a creep he is, and leave, often issuing warnings to others not to do the same. Warnings that are always more-or-less the same, and just as often, disregarded by the next batch of callow impressionable youth. Just like I did, in my time.

But, whatever. I'm done, thank God.

Have fun with your ICC cult of nonsense out there, kids, and don't forget to play nice. But please try to remember to grow-up, some day.

--Mr. Smith