Sunday, March 21, 2010

High-Profile Converts

One of the key targets the ICOC has consistently focused on was the conversion of "opinion leaders", people who have the power to sway others to join the church and follow their leadership. A special category of opinion leaders are celebrities. Actress Andie McDowell was part of the New York City Church of Christ in the 1980's and fortunately left the cult later on. Others, like musician and rapper Speech remain in the organization and have high leadership positions. Both the ICOC and ICC have recently gained some notable new recruits to their fold.

On the ICOC side, NBA superstar Deron Williams has joined. His wife is the daughter of former ICOC evangelist Nick Young. (Young was one of the ICOC's harshest leaders.) He plays for the Utah Jazz and his church home is presumably the Salt Lake Christian Church. (Don't let the label "Christian Church" fool you. It's still an ICOC church. In fact, it used to be part of Kip's ICC.)

You can see Deron in action here. (Unfortunately I couldn't embed this video.)

On the ICC side, Miss Arizona 2010 Brittany Bell has joined. She lives in Phoenix and is a member of the Phoenix International Christian Church. She recently spoke at a Women's Day event in the "Jereusalem" of Kip McKean's new movement, the City of Angels International Christian Church. Not much is known how she was drawn in. I believe she may be or have been a student at Arizona State University or another college in the Phoenix or Chandler area when she was met and recruited.

Here's a video of her being crowned:

I'm praying that they both be lead out of these cultic movements soon. The sooner they gain their freedom, the sooner they may get to know the true Jesus Christ of truth and grace and not be high-powered pawns in this game of politics with souls.


Anonymous said...

you may want to consider doing somthing more productive with your time - maybe you can pray for people and be proactive. You sound like someone who was hurt by this church, biblically you also should consider (if you are a christian) using the scripture Matthew 18.

Best of luck

X-Ray said...


Please see my conversation with Mo in another post. Your comments sound uncannily similar to his.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous,

Who are you to tell anyone what to do with their time. Maybe you should grow up and lead your own life.

1John 4:10 said...

You guys are sad. Bitterness will get you nowhere.

X-Ray said...

1 John 4:10,

How am I being bitter? Can you please come with a thoughtful argument instead of using an ad hominem attack?

Anonymous said...

This isn't a cult. Just because you were taken advantage of by some mean individuals, doesn't mean it's a cult. They're no different from any other uber-committed church. Hell, most people would think it's your fault for allowing it to happen, anyway. Throwing the "cult" term around is a bit much. When we hear cult, we think Kool-Aid and guns, not this.

Paul nyc said...

It's not a cult church in the USA right now and growing fast because they teach the Bible accuratelyand don't wash it down with a bunch of baloneyand they actually live it out too

X-Ray said...

Paul nyc,

Do you agree with this following statement by Kip McKean made in late 2004? "When do you get a relationship with God? When you get the Holy Spirit? No, the Holy Spirit does not save you. It's the forgiveness of sins that saves you. There's where a lot of churches get off track, right there. 'Well, you receive the Holy Spirit, you're saved.' The Holy Spirit is just the seal of your salvation."