Thursday, January 22, 2009

Show #5 - Name That Campus

It's time for America's newest and most fascinating game show: Name That Campus! (Otherwise known as Xraydio episode #5.) A secret campus minister from a secret church preaches to another secret church during a special campus service. Just who are they? And are they ICOC or ICC? "Totally committed" or "sold-out"? Come play and see the surprising answer!

Note: spoiler follows...

Kirk Valencia's original sermon was preached on February 3, 2008 at the Dayton Church of Christ. I believe I found a campus web site involving the Dayton ICOC church, though I don't see any entries from the previous year. Also note that the Hampton Roads Church of Christ still teaches First Principles! And look at the churches they're overseeing. I believe that the "sold-out" churches under Kip McKean are more dangerous at this point in time, however, with some of the things going on in the "totally committed" ICOC churches, I begin to wonder.

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